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Hello, Storm here, 

I have a great instinct for hermitage, for endless hours of solitary meditation and perfectionist endeavor, a distaste for self-promotion, and really just want to continue making my own art, in hopes of saving a few souls, mostly my own. But many of my favorite creative media are inherently collaborative and interdisciplinary. For example: filmmaking. 

If I am to become the best filmmaker I can be, I must continually seek to better understand all the disciplines involved in filmmaking, refining my own crafts and my interdisciplinary communication skills. I must also make myself vulnerable, challenge my own assumptions, and listen to others' stories, fears, dreams--how else could I create a cinematic story that moves you to tears, laughter, arousal, and/or political action that isn't merely a tearjerker, a comedy, porn, or propaganda?

And so I am in the world. And I collaborate. And I learn. Constantly.

I've acquired a few skills along the way. Which may I use in service of your endeavor? Browse around here to see the kinds of things I like to do. More comprehensive portfolios are available upon request. 

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